While Robin started doing stand-up in the mid-’70s, most of America first fell in love with him as the naïve and hilarious alien from the planet Ork in Mork & Mindy. He became an instant superstar and went on to do five HBO stand-up specials and dozens of feature films. Robin performed steadily for nearly four decades—from comedy clubs to stadiums, from talk shows to USO tours—and continually amazed audiences with his frenetic energy and unbelievably quick wit.

Robin Williams was truly an out-of-this-world talent and now all his most memorable stand-up and television performances are together in one collection, Robin Williams: Comic Genius.

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SALLY Field has opened up to Lisa Wilkinson about the one thing that drove Robin Williams “absolutely crazy” on the set of Mrs Doubtfire.

In an interview on The Project last night, Field recalled what it was like working with the comic genius on the 1993 movie.

“It was insane and it was so fun,” Field said.

The actress, 71, described Williams as “a deeply good man” but says he was “exhausting”.

“He had endless energy,” Field said. “And he’d want to do take after take after take because every take he would want to do something different.

“But what drove him absolutely crazy is that he could never make me laugh. He would never break me up.”

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Credit: News.com.au

A set of familiar, kind eyes are now peering at passersby from a towering wall on Market Street.

An image of blue eyes and a nose, flanked by silver hair, was adapted from a 2011 photograph by Peter Hapak of the late actor and comedian Robin Williams, and painted by a street artist from Argentina named Cobre.

The work took Cobre six days to complete before he finished it on Sunday, he told SFGATE.

“I decided to make Robin’s mural because we love him here in Argentina,” he said. “He was there all my childhood and I always thought he was an amazing person and artist. Then I heard that you guys love him too in his hometown.”

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Credit: SFGate.com

I’ve added screen captures from HBO’s documentary about Robin called: Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind. It’s airing now.

I’ve added two sets of appearance photos to the gallery. One is Robin’s appearance The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, 1992. The other is The Tonight Show with Jay Leno circa 2006.

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