By Todd Briscoe

We were all devastated when we lost Robin Williams. He was a brilliant actor, a gifted comedian, a loving father, and a kind man dedicated to charitable causes.

One of the demands listed in his contract has been making the news recently. It says so much about the actor’s true nature.

I’m not going to act as if I knew him personally, but I did meet him one time. I was working in a small toy shop in New York City when Robin came in with his family one day. He kept his sunglasses on, so I gave him his space—I didn’t think he wanted to be recognized. After walking around for a few minutes, he began picking up each of the toys and making them speak in funny accents before moving on to another. Only I could hear him.

It didn’t last very long—maybe just 30 seconds—but I knew how lucky I was to have witnessed a private performance from such a comedic genius.

It’s a memory that I will always treasure, and just one out of thousands like it from people who have met him.

Brian Lord is a writer who once tried to book Robin for an event. On his blog, he tells an incredible story that really exemplifies just how loving and generous Robin Williams was.

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I’ve uploaded the production stills for all twenty-two episodes of The Crazy Ones. I have also added the shows promotional photos of Robin. Also, The Crazy Ones is now streaming on Netflix.

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Promotional Photos > Television > The Crazy Ones > Season 1 > Photo Sessions

According to a review of the Robin Williams Trust — filed as an exhibit last Wednesday — Williams bequeathed rights to his name, signature, photograph and likeness to the Windfall Foundation, a charitable organization set up by Williams’ legal reps at the law firm of Manatt, Phelps.

There are two important facets of this provision.

First, the Trust restricts exploitation of Robin Williams’ right of publicity for 25 years after his death. That means, there won’t be any authorized advertisements featuring Williams until at least August 11, 2039. The provision also interferes with someone immediately doing, say, a hologram of a Robin Williams standup routine or digitally inserting him into a new film.

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Posted by: Kris
Date: Feb 26th 2015

Zelda Williams Speaks


My friend Cassidy sent along some lovely scans of People Magazine’s tribute to Robin. It’s the digital edition for December 29th, 2014.

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