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The Face of Love Screen Captures

I’ve uploaded captures from The Face of Love.
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Crystal in particular also told several memorable anecdotes of his time with Williams. One was a story about Williams inventing a character who “was scared about going into the vortex” during a conversation they had at a glassed-in dining area in a tropical resort when it was storming outside.

At one point, Steve Martin, who was also with them, got up and went outside and wrote “Help Me!” on the window. He came back and Crystal said, “Cut! Steve can you come back in?” as if the whole thing was a big movie. “We could do that kind of stuff all of the time,” Crystal said.

During another vacation, in Hawaii, Crystal recalled that the Super Bowl was on and Williams, who Crystal insisted was “not a sports guy,” claiming he rooted for “the San Franciscos,” started riffing off of seeing one of the coaches screaming at his team. In Williams’ version of the rant, the coach went on and on about differences between players and the guys in the front office.

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Friends and family of Robin Williams gathered in New York City on Wednesday night to honor the late comedian and to mark the opening of a new acting center that bears his name.

“I think of him as my brother,” said Whoopi Goldberg, who partnered with Williams and Billy Crystal on a series of Comic Relief fundraising specials. “He was my big brother and the funniest person that I knew, and anybody that dared to be as free as he did, has a shot to be as good as he was. That’s the legacy. He dares you to be as good if you can be as free.”

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Appearance Photos Added!
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Good Morning, Vietnam Screen Captures

I’ve uploaded captures from Good Morning, Vietnam.
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